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Am I adequate?…Well, you should spend more time creating than worrying about it

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Best book I read in March 2018.

Helped me consider why I think (and how I might) succeed as a writer, especially in fiction. Further, it helped me consider the startup I work for, and how we might succeed by creating real economic value.

I particularly enjoyed his refutation of humble epistomology.

Humble epistomology, to my ear, sounds like, well, we can’t really know if that’s true, so let’s not make too grand of claims.”

In a cocktail party discussion, this may sound innocuous, even reasonable.

Instead, taking a balance of theory-creation and observation-taking (hedehog & fox, together) might give you the most effective path to…the truth?…maybe just efficacy.

Also, when things are in bad Nash equilibriums, it is most likely because of a variety of incentives intermingling. Even if we notice this spicy (spiceless) incentive soup, no amount of milk (or pepper) will amend it. But sometimes you can hang 130 lightbulbs in your dark-ish apartment to fend of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Posted on March 30, 2018 • Source